Danby Wiske


The Parish, which includes the hamlets of Streetlam and Lazenby, has a population of about 300. It is predominantly a farming area, both arable and dairy, though many of the inhabitants commute to work elsewhere or are retired. The village lies mid-way between the Dales and the Moors and is a stopping point on the Coast-to-Coast walk, which attracts several hundred walkers every year. The White Swan public house provides accommodation, and a number of houses in or near the village offer bed-and-breakfast. The main London to Edinburgh railway line runs not far from the village, though the station has long since been closed. The previous village shops and school have also closed, but there is an active village hall and a good social life is maintained.

The church is attractive and has an unusual Norman tympanum. Nearby there is a moat dating from the 13th century; this probably once enclosed the manor house (which was later moved to another site in the village) and then became the rectory. Just across the river Wiske, which bounds the east side of the village, is Lazenby Hall, a handsome stone building dating from the time of the Stuarts, while nearby earthworks denote the site of a medieval village. Many fields in the area show the medieval ridge-and-furrow pattern.