Danby Wiske

Views of Danby Wiske and surroundings

Danby Wiske with Lazenby Parish, which incorporates the hamlet of Streetlam, lies in the Vale of Mowbray midway between the Yorkshire Dales to the west and the North York Moors to the east. With a population of about 300, it is predominantly a farming area – both arable and dairy – although many of the inhabitants commute to work elsewhere or are retired.

Wainwrights’ Coast-to-Coast walk, which attracts several thousand walkers each year, traverses the parish and the village of Danby Wiske has become a natural stopping place for the walkers. The White Swan public house and a number of houses in or near the village offer bed-and-breakfast accommodation. The main London to Edinburgh railway line runs to the east of the village, but the station has long since been closed as have the village shops and school. The village hall provides a useful facility for social activities.